IRN Internet Services

Our Design Philosophy

IRN's philosophy stresses image, content, and flexibility.
These are the things that make the internet medium unique.

Image: Your web site is often the first impression you get to make. It should be more than just an advertisement, it should reflect the look and feel of your company.

A good website is more than just an online advertisement, it is an asset, a tool that works for you.

Content: Your web presence should be a tool that enhances the reach of your organization by providing information, resources, and communication between you and your clients. This kind of customer support gives your clients peace of mind, while dynamic and useful content keeps them coming back.

Flexibility: Your company's website design should be flexible, with the ability to change and grow to meet the needs of your organization and clients.

A Conservative Approach to Technology

IRN Internet Services excels in creating exciting, attractive, and innovative web sites, using compliant standard HTML code written by hand. We do not rely on browser or platform specific language or special-effects browser plug-ins that might exclude part of the online community from a website.

This does not preclude the use of optional multimedia technology. However, we believe that the effectiveness of a website should not be dependent upon these features. Many times new internet technology comes and goes so fast that it's better to wait for the dust to settle and for that technology to become standardized before incorporating it into your web presence. To be truly effective your web site should be available to all who surf the web and should be compliant with all known browsers for years to come.